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Producer: Crimson Skies Deserved A Sequel

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Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge debuted originally in 2013 for Xbox. In a short time, the title became one of the favorites of the community. Despite this, Microsoft and FASA Studio did not work on a direct sequel to the game.

If you ask the reason for this, we already have an answer. During a recent meeting with IGN, Mitch Gitelman, executive producer of Crimson Skies, spoke on the subject and what prevented seeing a new installment of the series.

For starters, Gitelman commented: “High Road to Revenge deserved a sequel. That team deserved a sequel.” Subsequently, the creative revealed that during that time, FASA Studio worked on various projects. This is despite the fact that Microsoft wanted each team to focus on the development of a single title.

“At the time, Microsoft decided, and Shane Kim specifically decided, that each studio would focus on just one game—and we were doing Shadowrun and Crimson Skies simultaneously, and still working on MechAssault and stuff—and just collapsed it all down,” the producer said.

Everything indicates that we will not see a sequel to Crimson Skies; however, not all is bad news. As you may remember, Xbox One already has backward compatibility with Xbox. One of the first titles to reach this program was precisely Crimson Skies. So, you can enjoy it without problems on the current Microsoft console.

You can still get the game on Xbox Store. Just take into account that you will need approximately 4GB of free space in your console to download it.

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