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Prince of Persia Creator Is Interested in Making A New Game

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Prince of Persia is a series that was born as a video game and then adapted to other media, such as cinema, and that has since captivated several generations of players. However, the franchise has entered a period of indefinite pause and little has been heard of it. Recently, the creator of Prince of Persia is someone who would like this series back and he recently made it clear that he would love to work on reviving it.

As reported by VG247, Jordan Mechner, creator of the franchise, attended Barcelona to participate in GameLab and announce his book The Making of Prince of Persia, which talks about the creation of the original title of the franchise and is based on the newspapers wrote during the development process.

Later, the public had the opportunity to ask the creator about their concerns. A member noted the current situation in which several classic games come back (thanks to remastering and remakes) and questioned whether he would be interested in the return of Prince of Persia. To such a question, the creator replied that he would love to play the old titles again.

In a subsequent question, one of the attendees asked if he would be interested in making a new game of this franchise, to which the creative replied “Yes”.

If you do not know Jordan Mechner, let us tell you that he is the original creator of the title for Apple II, and that he has been transferred to a large number of devices. In addition, he also participated in other projects of the series, such as Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, as well as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

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