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Prince of Persia Creator Wants To Bring Back The Series

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Prince of Persia is one of those franchises that, despite the years and the lack of new titles, still has a large number of followers. The creator of the series, Jordan Mechner, is aware of that and apparently has an interest in working on a new project. Before you get excited, you should know that nothing is confirmed. However, the doors are open for the return of the franchise.

From her Twitter account, the American model Christine Teigen declared herself a fan of Prince of Persia. So, she decided to ask Ubisoft Montreal if it was working on a new title for the series. The company stated that unfortunately the IP is paused and also took the opportunity to tease Teigen.

Jordan Mechner, the original Prince of Persia creator, retweeted the model’s publication and said there are more people interested in the return of Prince of Persia. “We’re doing our best to make it happen!” wrote the developer.

The words of Mechner could be interpreted in many ways. We might even think that he is already working on something. However, nothing is certain, so the future of the franchise is still uncertain. At least Ubisoft said the game was on pause, so there are chances that they will launch a new game later.

The first Prince of Persia arrived in 1989 to Apple II. The title was recognized by the great work in its various sections. The game still has an important community. In fact, a modder released a level editor for the title last year.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was the start of a new series of installments, such as Warrior Within, The Two Thrones and The Forgotten Sands. We will have to wait to learn more about the possible return of the series.

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