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Primal, PS2 action game, comes to PS4 this week

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Just recently, via its official blog, PlayStation announced that Primal, the action adventure game for PlayStation 2, will hit PlayStation 4 this week.

Primal PS4

Today through the official blog of PlayStation we have discovered that a new PS2 game will be launched this week on PS4 with trophies, and it is none other than Primal. The day chosen for inclusion in the digital store of the console has been the same, ie 31st May.

This release will be available on the PlayStation Store, with titles like Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition and Delta Strike: First Assault, on 31 May; while Dangerous Golf and Hard Reset Redux will go on sale on June 3.

Primal originally debuted in 2003. The game tells the story of a 21 year old girl called Jennifer Tate, who must go through a series of demonic realities to find her boyfriend. As the plot progresses, more details on the relationship between Jennifer and her boyfriend, and the nature of demonic worlds are revealed.

The title is already available for PS3 and now comes on the next generation console at a price $9.99 USD. We still do not know if the game will reach US only, which is what it seems, or it will come too European market as well.