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Prey PS4 Day-One Patch download available now

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Prey will hit stores on May 5, but the day-one patch is already available for download, at least on the console of PlayStation 4. The update has a size of 1.29 GB and brings the game to version 1.01, the update fixes various bugs and technical problems.

Prey by Arkane Studios will be released after two days, but the developers have already thought of releasing the day one patch for their title; an ingenious idea, considering the waiting time for downloading the update with the internet connections.

At the moment the patch is only available on PS4, but we do not see why in the next few hours it should not also be downloaded on a PC and Xbox One.

In particular, the patch 1.01 improves the AI of the enemies, fixes some problems of weapons and powers, also fixes some problems with the audio sector and the input lag, the latter also been seen in the demo. Finally, the overall stability of the game is also improved and many problems with the framerate have been solved.

According to various sites, the experience improves considerably after the download of the day one patch, we will advise you to download the update of the game before you start playing Prey.

Prey will be released on May 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC; if you own one of the two current-gen consoles you can already download the demo of the title, which will allow you to play the first hour of the game, but if you play on PC you will empty-handed because the demo is still not available on this platform.

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