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Prey DLC Teased That Would Take Us To The Moon

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Bethesda has already made it clear that we have not seen everything about Prey and has been releasing clues that seem to indicate that it is a matter of time before a DLC for this title is revealed. While there is nothing official yet, the company continues to release information that has only managed to excite its fans more.

What we are referring to is that an update recently arrived that added 10 new achievements to the version of Prey for Steam. The name of each of these achievements forms a phrase (“If you believed they put a man on the moon”) which belongs to the theme of REM’s Man on the Moon. Another interesting point is that each of the achievements is illustrated with the Kasma Corp. logo.

That’s not all, since the Reddit account of Kasma Corp. has been publishing binary comments for a while that make references to a possible DLC that will be carried out on the moon. Recently, the account commented on a photograph of the Earth and the moon that was taken by NASA. When deciphered, this message took the players to an Imgur site with an animated gif that seems to show footage of the expansion.

So far, Bethesda has not confirmed the existence of this DLC for Prey. That said, we would not be surprised if Arkane Studios was preparing something new for this title and that Bethesda would show it at its E3 2018 conference. However, for now, all we have left is to wait.

Prey came last year to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Do you think it’s a matter of time before a new DLC for Prey is revealed? Tell us in the comments below.