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POSTAL Redux, HD Remaster of Classic 19 Year-Old Shooter, Launches Tomorrow for Windows

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POSTAL Redux, an HD remaster of Running With Scissors’ iconic twin-stick shooter where players face off against crazed, overly-aggressive gunmen, will launch Friday, May 20, 2016 for Windows via Steam.

Postal Redux Screenshot

With a new game mode called Rampage, new playable levels and updated visuals, POSTAL Redux gives longtime fans and newcomers ample reason to experience a modernized take on The Postal Dude’s first fight for survival.

POSTAL Redux retains and amplifies the original game’s essence; players blaze through city streets, supermarkets, scrapyards and other locales, exchanging fire with heavily-armed opponents as a demonic narrator advances this psychological thriller.

POSTAL Redux will also launch on SteamOS and Mac shortly after the Windows debut, and a PlayStation 4 version of the game will release in Q4 of this year.


. POSTAL Redux launches tomorrow, May 20, 2016 for Windows via Steam
. Will launch on Mac and SteamOS soon, PlayStation 4 later this year
. Remastering of 1997’s iconic twin-stick shooter in a world gone MAD
. Delivers modernized version of original game’s tense, action-packed shootouts
. New Rampage Mode grades player performance on every level, making the game highly replayable
. New levels including The Carnival and a new ending

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