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Postal 2 Paradise Lost DLC download now available

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A new DLC for Postal 2 is available for download. It is a very old game, and after quite a gap the game developer is releasing a new DLC to put the game back in the race. The name of this DLC is Paradise Lost. It usually happens that old games do not really get any kind of DLC, but in Postal 2 the scenario is different. It is a bit weird to find that the game developer is still working on a new DLC for an outdated game. It is more than a decade we are hearing something about Postal 2. Well there is no point in making this DLC, but still for game lovers this is a treat. All you have to do is install Postal 2 in your pc to get this update. If you don’t have the game then you cannot get it. It is obvious that after such a long time many of you might not be having the same old system or the setup file.

For that you can contact the game developer. Once again the DLC brings the Postal 2 gameplay back by putting you in the shoes of Postal Dude. There are many tasks you can do to gain money and move ahead on the further level. The gameplay is very much similar to its older chapters. A bit of action is more added by adding zombies, monsters and some extra weapons.  There is less chances that many will enjoy the game due to poor quality graphics. Note that this game requires the original Postal 2 game to play, but do not worry because you can pick that up for $0.99 from the official Steam Page here.

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Below is the extract from Official Press Release of the website:

In PARADISE LOST the Postal Dude returns to Paradise, Arizona, the town where the original game and sequel took place. Last seen in the add-on Apocalypse Weekend, after having nuked the town, the Postal Dude is thrown back into a forgotten wasteland 11 years later. He will encounter an iconic cast of characters including Gary Coleman, Krotchy, Champ, MadCow MikeJ, Vince Desi and other familiar faces along the way.