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Portal Knight’s Latest Update Introduces Larger Worlds

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505 Games and developer Keen Games are thrilled to announce the latest added features to the sandbox RPG action-adventure game and one of them is literally a big one…bringing the number one community request of larger worlds to Portal Knights. Even more space to explore, dig, craft and build amazing buildings! Newly created universes now have different size options: small, medium and large.

Portal Knights Larger Island Blue

If that wasn’t enough this update also adds text and voice chat, and the ability for players to customize their controls for both keyboard and mouse, giving them full access on how they want to play the game.

This update also includes the rocket jump consumable which will help you get to those places that are just a little bit out of reach, as well as more new events including an Ancient Egyptian themed island.

Players can now equip a variety of new vanity items including a jester suit, unicorn horns, a hockey mask, a sombrero and more.

Full update notes can be found at this address:

Other highlights:

– Equipment
o A new armor set for each class
o “Miner” armor set with perks for mining and building
o 3 new rings

– New Events
o Orc themed invasion event
o New event that leads to a new island theme including new enemies, quest, loot, furniture pieces, decorative elements etc.
o Recipe hunt for a new potion

– New items
o Wisp in a Bottle
o Scroll of Teleportation
o Rocket Jump consumable
o Swiftness Potion
o Baroque furniture set

Players can participate in the Early Access Program for Portal Knights on Steam for $14.99.