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Portal Knights Ghost World update download available now

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Nestled amongst the many environments of sandbox action-adventure game Portal Knights, some spooky new islands have appeared for players to explore at their own risk as 505 Games’ and developer Keen Games’ summon the frightful “Ghost World” update for the Windows PC game on Steam.

Portal Knights Ghost World Screenshot

This new update adds an element of eerie exploration to Portal Knights as players can now explore a hauntingly all-new environment with grave stones, odd-shaped buildings and spooky graveyards dotting the landscape – all enveloped in a heavy layer of mysterious mist.

Outside the ‘gravely’ significant addition of the Ghost World, the update adds new features, including an event system with random occurrences across the world, more recipes and monster “trophy” furniture items. There are frightful new foes as well, including variations for the Mummy and Hollow Knight and an all-new Spider enemy to defeat.

Other ‘spooktacular’ additions for Portal Knights include:
1. An all-new brick dungeon to explore
2. Stone furniture recipes dropped throughout the ghost world
3. New character customization features including hairstyles, voices, beards, mouths and eyes

Also as requested by the community, items can also now be dropped from the inventory into the game world by drag and dropping them beyond the edges of the backpack.

To mark this update, for the next two weeks, players can also participate in Steam’s Early Access Program for Portal Knights on Windows PC for the special 20% off price of $11.99.

More information on Portal Knights can be found at the official webpage at this address.

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