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Portal Knights download available on Steam Early Access at February 25

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The German studio Keen Games would also like to have a piece of Minecraft based game in its catalog. Currently, the studio is working in collaboration with publisher 505 Games on third-person action adventure Portal Knights.

Portal Knights Screenshot
Portal Knights Screenshot

Portal Knights generates its world through a procedural algorithm, following the example of many other exponents of the genre. Crafting is an integral part of the playful experience, for a horse mingling of action and strategy.

Users can create their own avatar by choosing among the three classes available, specifically Ranger, Mage and Warrior, customizing appearance, characteristics and abilities. In addition to the single-player campaign there is also room for the online component.

The game throws you into a randomly generated sandbox and offers the possibility to build more than 100 different items. You are allowed to use Portal Knights either alone or with up to four people to play cooperatively.

Portal Knights’ Steam Early Access release is scheduled for 25 February.

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