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Popular Game Shows That Were Turned into Slot Games

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Game shows continue to entertain and fascinate audiences all around the world, no matter the times. Some of them have changed and adapted to the new social trends, while others have followed the same structure since their initial launch in the ’60s. Nevertheless, since technology is advancing at such a high speed, quiz shows also benefited from it.List of Popular Game Shows That Were Turned into Slot Games are given in this article.


How These Games Have Stayed Relevant

One of the factors at play here is the popularity of online casinos. For example, websites like have made it possible for the British game of bingo to become not just more well-known but also more accessible. The variety of themes – and game shows play a huge role here – broadens the audience to which they appeal. Here are a few examples of game shows that made it so big that online casinos used them as inspiration for slot games.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Originally from the UK, this game show is one of the most famous ones in television history, says It impressed on various levels when it got released, especially through its use of futuristic (for the time) ideas. The same ideas, together with the use of the same background music that made the show so famous, were transposed to create a thrilling slots game.

The game manages to mimic perfectly the atmosphere of the classic show, offering many special features and really high wins. The graphics make this six reels slot look innovative and on top of that, it also gives players lifelines in the form of 50:50, Phone a Friend, and Ask the Audience, when all answer odds are revealed.

Deal or No Deal

The gameplay in Deal or No Deal has remained unchanged over its existence, with one contestant having to choose one briefcase out of 26, all containing a sum of money ranging from $0.01 to $1,000,000. Regularly, the contestant receives a deal from The Banker to take some cash home and quit. In regards to the atmosphere, the slot game is a perfect copy of the original TV show.

The screen was designed using the same color themes and neon lights so that fans of the show feel the familiarity right from the beginning. The five reels slot game abounds in original symbols, including a suitcase, a red button, a game hostess, and a presenter. If the player lands on three game logos, then The Banker would present five boxes that can be opened to reveal their prizes, exactly like in the TV show!



According to, Jeopardy! is the most popular contemporary TV show, as well as the 10th most famous worldwide. There have been over 8,000 episodes aired, gaining a worldwide following. Considering how famous Jeopardy! is, the slot game had to meet high expectations and be a great adaptation of it.

The slot game features great graphics, excellent voiceovers of the show’s hosts, and entertaining sound effects to deliver an authentic experience. There are multiple bonus rounds that are divided into categories such as music, sports, and science, all offering high payouts and good rewards.

Many other TV shows have become popular themes in slot games, because of their ability to attract a wider audience. Gaming software developers are always up for delivering the best experiences when it comes to their products, especially if it is about the most popular casino game in the world.