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Popular Collectible card games

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Collectible card games were introduced to the world in the year 1993. Their introduction created a stepping stone for the gaming world. From science to fiction, horror to fantasy, and even sports, card game lovers can now access various card games, allowing them to interact with others strategically. From their birth till now, collectible card games have grown in popularity. One would have imagined that video game entrance would wipe out the card games, but that couldn’t be more false. 

Playing cards has now shifted to the digital realm, and thus e-sports gamers can now explore and enjoy the play.

 Following are some of the popular collectible card games.


The gathering

Created by “Wizards of the Coast,” this is the first trading card game that kicked off the evolution of collectible card games. This was designed to keep enthusiasts busy as they waited in the lines for gaming conventions—the Dungeons & Dragons method of tabletop where you enjoy the game by fully engaging your imagination. 

Since its inception, the gathering has paved the way for all the collectible card games, acting as the blueprint. Over the years, its popularity has grown tremendously, with weekly tournaments held at local book shops worldwide

Pokémon trading card games

A famous anime cartoon named Pokémon emerged in the ’90s and entered the market by a storm. The franchise went above television to create a trading card game. The company established the Pokémon card in 2003 but released it to the market in 2016. That year, it was the top-selling in its card game class. Its popularity was because the card stemmed into video games, ruling out the television. Pokémon ruled in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Players of this game are allowed to take the Pokémon trainer’s role and collect as many Pokémon’s as possible to battle the opponents. Players can use different scenarios and strategies to make the game exciting and new during every session.


This is another of the collectible card games influenced by another anime cartoon. It’s quite a recognizable trading card game created in the early 2000s, and in the year 2009, Yu-Gi-Oh was on the Guinness World Records as the top trading game. As a Yu-Gi-Oh player, you’re given a pack of cards where you draw a card and play on the field. Each player has 8000 life points initially, and the objective is to use their cards to reduce the opponent’s life points. Depending on the one you play on the field, it could help you or harm you. The game is evolving daily, with new cards being developed and new strategies explored. 

ShadowVerse games

This one of the newer collectible card games released in the year 2016and is constantly evolving with a consistent content release schedule. As more players join this game, the company gathers more feedback and uses it to improve the experience. ShadowVerse is only an online game and has gained recognition from significant companies like Echo fox and Tempo storm

When seeking to play collectible card games, it’s good you look for the right online card company caring for collector’s items. That way you’re sure of getting a perfect experience of these popular games.