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Police Finally Catches A Video Games Consoles Thief Nicknamed “Creeper” in Niagara Falls

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Sometimes, the events related to video games deliver curious stories and this time the events took place in the United States, specifically Niagara Falls, New York, where a video games consoles thief was finally arrested after terrorizing the residents of that place for several months.

According to a report from WKBW, New York police arrested Eriq Santiago, 22, who is considered responsible for a series of home robberies carried out in Niagara Falls. According to the information, Santiago had already become famous in the area because his robberies focused on video games consoles and food, however, what began to generate fear among the inhabitants was the fact that, after carrying out the robbery, he returned to the house to scare the residents, either entering the home to make noise late at night or taking advantage of the resident’s absence to enter the home for a moment and leaving the doors open.

Another detail that caught the attention of this console and food thief in Niagara Falls, was his preference to sit in the halls of homes after stealing or even entering the rooms to look at the residents while they slept. This situation generated panic among the inhabitants, including students who decided to stop renting rooms in the area because of the widespread fear of people who began to call him as the “Creeper”.

However, the complaints gave way to investigations by the New York police and a fingerprint analysis allowed the arrest of Eriq Santiago, whose fingerprints coincided with the records of the police department. Check the video below of the residents: