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Pokemon Sword and Shield “More Information” Coming This August 7th

The launch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is close, so players are expecting to know more details about the new installments of the franchise.

Fortunately, this will come true very soon, as The Pokémon Company, Game Freak and Nintendo will release additional information on both titles very soon. Through the Twitter account of the franchise, it was confirmed that new information about the games will be released this week, specifically on Wednesday, August 7.

The appointment is at 6:00 am PDT on August 7th. The companies did not disclose if they are preparing a special presentation, if they will release a new trailer or if they will only offer written information through the official website of the series.

Most likely we will see at least one trailer with gameplay. Players expect to see some of the new skills in action and, of course, meet more new creatures of this generation that takes place in Galar.

The games have generated quite a controversy, so Game Freak explained that the models of the creatures were made from 0. The last thing we knew about the games is that they will have exclusive gym trainers and we met creatures like Alcremie, Yamper, Rolycoly, among others.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release on Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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