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Pokemon Sword and Shield New First Town Video and “Wild Area” Map Leaked

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During this October 12 two important new details of Pokemon Sword and Shield were known, the editions of the Game Freak saga for Nintendo Switch. The first is a leaked video of the first town that we will meet in the game; the second, a map of the ‘Wild Area’ that allows us to get an idea of ​​the size that this portion will have in the open world of the Galar region.

The video was shown exclusively for the Japanese community of Pokémon Secret Members Club, but ended up as a leak on the internet. Throughout its two minutes of duration, you can see a quiet walk through the town shown in the trailer for Gamescom 2019, although without cuts, with a male avatar instead of a female, and allowing you to enjoy its soundtrack.

The Wild Area will occupy much of the Galar region

Since it was announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield would have an open-world zone, the Wild Area, it has been speculated on how large this part of Galar would be. The Japanese magazine CoroCoro will publish a guide to the new Pokemon editions. On the unveiled cover you can see the main legendary of these editions, some of the previously confirmed characters, the trio of initial Pokemon and other creatures, and a poster of the Wild Area.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Cover

This map shows that the open world of the title on Switch that will be larger than many anticipated. Recalling the conceptual art of the Galar map published by Game Freak, the Wild Area would comprise the entire central space with the three lakes and the area above it, just before reaching the snowy mountains.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Wild Area Map

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release on November 15 for Nintendo Switch.