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Rumor: Pokemon for Nintendo Switch Could Use Unreal Engine 4

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Apparently, Creatures Inc, the Japanese development team behind PokéPark and the recent Great Detective Pikachu, is collaborating with Game Freak on the new episode of Pokemon for Nintendo Switch.

The Japanese studio Creatures Inc has recently published a new job announcement to look for animators and 3D modelers. Apparently, the team behind PokePark and Detective Pikachu is collaborating with Game Freak on the development of Pokemon for Nintendo Switch.

The image that accompanies the news above shows the windows of the development tool (very similar to those of Unreal Engine 4) and a polygonal model of Pikachu, which would lead to think of the possible use of the Epic engine for the new Pokemon game for Switch.

According to other rumors, Creatures Inc would instead be working on the adaptation of PokePark or of Great Detective Pikachu for Switch, the latter already in an advanced stage of development and ready to go out together with the film in live action.

With this, everything seems to indicate that the development is going ahead and that it could be better than we expect, especially taking into account some unfortunate statements made by those responsible in the past.

That said, to date we still ignore much of the relative data about this title, so we will have to keep waiting to see if they end up launching this next year or if, on the contrary, we will have to wait until 2019.

We are waiting to learn more, at the moment we invite you to take this news with due precautions.