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Rumor: Pokemon Switch Will Be Revealed on May 31st

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During the Japanese TV show Oha Suta it was announced that on May 31 there will be “a special day for lovers of the Pokemon”, a “shocking” news would be arriving on the very last day of the current month.

Oha Suta is a variety designed for children, which among other things deals with the games of the famous Game Freak saga. In the past, it also presented trailers and new monsters before the release of a new chapter in the series.

The host spoke of “a moment a new story begins”, but without revealing further details, that seems to be the announcement in question is linked to Pokemon for Nintendo Switch?

The speculations seem to be very likely, according to some insiders (including Emily Rogers) Pokemon Switch will be officially revealed in May and there are now only a few days left until the end of the month. The two things do not seem to be random and the date announced for the mysterious reveal coincides with what has been rumored in recent days.

Emily Rogers also reiterated the strong integration with Pokemon GO, the possible presence of a special accessory dedicated and the names of the two games, which should be titled as Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee, with trademarks and domains already registered between April and May.

True or not, we will not have to wait long to find out.


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