Pokemon Sun/Moon Demo breaks download records

As it was reported earlier, Nintendo launched this week a demo for their expected title of Pokémon Sun/Moon, and this testing phase of the game broke the historical record of downloads for a title in a single week.

Pokémon Sun And Moon

Earlier this month, Nintendo released a demo of their upcoming games, Pokémon Sun/Moon. Now, the company announced at an event for shareholders in a statement that the demo was downloaded over 3.5 million times in less than a month.

The company announced today that the demo, which arrived on October 18, has already surpassed 3.5 million downloads, which means the “fastest start for any demo in the history of the Nintendo 3DS system.” This interest level thus “shows the breadth of the audience for these games,” said Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo president.

Some speculated that Pokémon Sun/Moon has also benefited from the rebound with the effect of Pokémon GO, because there is no doubt that the application of augmented reality has caused a stir around the franchise. “As Pokemon has been a hot topic recently, even among people with no game experience, there is fantastic momentum for the release of this latest Pokemon title.”

The pre-orders for Pokémon Sun/Moon are showing a favorable trend, according to the president of Nintendo, and so to the the despair of fans, this weekend it will be broadcasted during the weekend.

Pokémon Sun/Moon will be available for launch on November 18 on 3DS.