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Pokemon Sun and Moon glitch discovered that prevents from progressing further in the game

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As reported by Kotaku, Pokemon Sun and Moon has a glitch that could compromise the game, forcing the player to start the adventure all over again. The problem has been reported by many users in recent hours and occurs after loading a save made in a Pokemon Center.


Players have started to report glitch in Pokémon Sun & Moon that is supposedly making their characters disappear after saving in certain locations and reloading the game, forcing them to restart their progress from the beginning.

After loading a saved state in a Pokemon Center, players have found themselves literally stuck with the character disappearing from the screen, and unable to move in any direction. At the moment, the only solution to the problem seems to be to start playing the game again.

Kotaku was, however, wanted to investigate the matter, discovering how the glitch actually seem only hitting players using cheats and especially that use of the tool called PKHex. This would conflict with the game, however, the problem would have been solved by the day-one update.

At the moment the situation is unclear and we do not know if the bug mentioned can only hit the players who use the hack tools, in general we strongly suggest you to not use it for any reason like cheat or not legal instruments.

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