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Pokemon Sun and Moon early ban for those who use pirated copies

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Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released this Friday in the US and will arrive next week in Europe, despite that the two games are already circulating on the web and dozens of thousands of people are already playing the Sun & Moon. Nintendo has moved swiftly to counter the phenomenon and now comes the first ban for pirates.


It is not an open secret now that many users have already started played Pokémon Sun and Moon. Thanks to the modification of Nintendo 3DS, already filtered by the network of networks, there are many versions already moving through Alola on its laptop in a questionably legal form. As are also many who have been banned by Nintendo for it.

The company has attacked those who have used any of the online features of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Since the game is not out yet officially, it is easy to discern that those who have accessed these have done little legal form although there are other cases, such as copies of the press. Based on this premise, the Big N has begun to block access to any online service on consoles.

Specifically, those who have tried to access the internet with a pirate copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon have received 15-day suspension while those who have already been affected by the ban were restricted for life time, getting a permanent block accessing to the online services of Nintendo.