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Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo download available now

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Nintendo has announced that the demo of Pokémon Sun and Moon can be downloaded today through the eShop of Nintendo 3DS. The US users can now download the demo, but if you live in Europe, you will have to wait until this afternoon to get it.


The demo of Pokémon Sun & Moon is now available for download on the Nintendo eShop. This will present a different story from that of the full game. It is therefore not the beginning of Pokémon Sun & Moon, as some people had been expecting, but a standalone story, which still take place in the region of Alola.

Thus you can try out for the first time some of the new features for this long-awaited installment of the series, such as testing or Z movements, as well as discover new ways of Alola and creatures.

We remind you that playing this demo we can get a Greninja with the possibility of becoming Greninja Ash for the final version of the game as well as other objects and rewards.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will hit stores worldwide in next month of November 23 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, offering a new region consisting of several islands where we can discover new creatures, find new versions of classic monsters, learn new types of movement and will battle new modes of combat.

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