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Pokemon Rumble Rush for iOS and Android Announced

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The Pokemon Company has had good results with its most recent mobile releases. For this reason, it is not a surprise to know that the studio is already working on various projects for these platforms. We have good news if you are a fan of the franchise, as the company announced today Pokemon Rumble Rush. It is a game for iOS and Android devices that may be quite familiar due to its appearance and its mechanics.

In case you do not remember, it was in 2017 that The Pokemon Company revealed PokéLand, a mobile project that had several tests. It is until today that we see this title again, but now with a new name. Pokemon Rumble Rush takes you to a world full of islands that you will have to explore. It is a free-to-play with a dynamic rhythm of the game, where you must fight with countless creatures of this universe.

The locations of the game will change regularly, so you may run into new Pokemon each time. Also, the game has a system to refine minerals and thus obtain objects that will allow you to improve your skills. There will also be special events to earn unique rewards; however, before getting them you must face powerful bosses. Pokemon Rumble Rush does not yet have a release date, but the developer said it will be available soon worldwide.

Reports say that the title is already available in some countries, such as Australia, so its launch in the rest of the regions should not take long. Its Google Play page specifies that Android 4.4 or later will be needed to play it.

For now, there is no data related to iOS devices, but it is likely that throughout the day we will know more about it.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this title has nothing to do with the project of DeNA, studio also working in a game of Pokemon for mobiles. This title promises to excite the fans of the series; however, we must wait a bit to play it, because it will be ready by March 31, 2020.