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Pokémon Go’s first legendary Pokémon ‘Lugia’ Revealed

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There is good news for Pokémon GO players, as Niantic Labs announced today that the first legendary Pokémon will be Lugia. But that’s not all because Articuno will get to the game very soon.

It may be that Pokémon GO has lost its charms in some recent months, but the Pokémon GO Fest event being held in Grant Park (Chicago) has managed to awaken excitement among its attendees, and threatens to spread worldwide: after a series of challenges, the legendary Pokémon Lugia has been unlocked and will be able to be captured during the next 48 hours worldwide.

So, Niantic Labs reported at the Pokémon GO festival that all players will be able to catch Lugia. For their part, attendees to the event will get the legendary Pokémon automatically, this is because as compensation for the technical problems that arose during the event.

Originally, participants of the Pokémon GO Fest would have to fight the legendary Pokémon at the end of the show. However, there were problems on the servers, preventing players from catching the creature. Therefore, Niantic preferred to grant Lugia automatically.

Articuno, meanwhile, will be the second legendary Pokemon due to the work of Team Mystic. The blue group, represented by this Ice-type Pokémon, caught most creatures, so the studio will reward the players by releasing Articuno.

Lugia will appear in Pokémon GO from today and to capture it will be necessary to participate in Raid Battles. Articuno will be released within a short time, although Niantic did not give a specific date on it.

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