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Pokemon Go to be banned in India for hurting religious sentiments with Virtual Eggs

Pokémon GO is a worldwide sensation that has enchanted millions of players worldwide, but it does not mean that all want to enjoy the application of Niantic. In fact, there are people who want to ban Pokémon GO in our country, like some inhabitants of India.

According to information from Bloomberg Quint, Pokémon Go can be in danger of being banned in Asian countries. The media indicates that there is a litigation of public interest seeking the application of Niantic cannot be played in the country and to show eggs in places of worship (such as temples, shrines or prayer houses) is offensive to some religious beliefs.

A public interest litigation in India refers to a type of legal conflict which seeks to defend the public interest. Thus, any individual or non-governmental organization may request the Supreme Court to take certain legal actions for the benefit of the population. The source notes that the proceedings who asked, Alay Anil Dave, is the son of a member of the Supreme Court of India, while his brother, Nachiket Dave, is the attorney responsible for the case.

“Looking to various spiritual practices including religious practices so described in various Vedas, including Upanishads and religious texts; consuming an egg is considered to be obnoxious and against religious practices and depiction of such eggs in temples and other places of worship is hurting religious sentiments,” says a part of the request.

It is important to note that Pokémon GO is not yet officially available in India, although players have found ways to download it. At the moment, Niantic has not made any comments on this situation.

When there is more information on this case we will share it with everyone.

In related information, Niantic announced that Pokémon GO is coming soon to Apple Watch. On the other hand, the developer ensures that its application has been downloaded over 500 million times worldwide.

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