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Pokemon Go players caught first Legendary Pokemon Articuno

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The trainers of Pokémon Go have found the first legendary Pokémon, Articuno. According to the photos on the internet sprouted at this time, a legendary pokemon made its appearance in Pokémon GO: this is Articuno, who was captured in Ohio by many American users.

Pokemon Go LEGENDARY Pokemon Articuno

Several players would have located the first legendary Pokémon Articuno in Ohio, United States, and have offered pictures and even videos on Facebook and Reddit, although the source of the information is the same and there are still doubts about its authenticity, it could be false or product of some kind of hack to trick the program.

This is the first time that, if confirmed, proves the existence of legendary creatures. The data of Pokémon Go made references to this kind of rare monsters, but had not yet appeared. Many players have speculated that these Pokémon were reserved for special events, which has not happened with the appearance of this Articuno.

In addition kaitcovey – who owns the Articuno – says that he received the Pokémon as part of an apology from Niantic, game developers, after contacting the mail about a problem, a strange story that does not seem to have much credibility and reinforces the theories of a modification of the code for this Pokémon.

At the moment no officially information has been confirmed by any players that have found Articuno or the other legendary Pokémon such as Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and Mewtwo.