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Pokemon Go Player Robbed and Assaulted live on his Twitch stream

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There have been many reports of curious incidents since Pokémon GO came to mobile devices from shock and break-ins, to accidents and grisly findings. But now it was videotaped the assault of a player with the violence he suffered from the augmented reality application while streaming his departure on Twitch.

Pokémon Go

We have heard virtually everything we can about Pokemon Go, a application for Android and iOS by Niantic that made the furor during this summer, but this is a sad and ridiculous news.

The assaulted streamer is Rickeybot, who was near Central Park, in Manhattan, New York, around midnight, when a man approached from behind without noticing and assulted him to the ground and then stole his phone and now is on the run.

The assailant fled and eventually hung up the phone, but the spectators were ready to help Rickeybot with better quality images to identify the offender.

The assailant’s face was fully exposed in front of the camera, but so far his whereabouts are not known. Later Rickeybot wrote on social networks that he was still talking to the police to give account of what happened and he would go to the hospital to treat his jaw, which according to him was not in good condition.

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