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Pokemon Go Studio’s Next AR Game Is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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A few hours ago we told you that Niantic, a studio best known for its work on Pokémon GO, is developing a new project called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is based on the work of JK Rowling. Now the company decided to share the first details about it.

Through the official site of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic confirmed that it is an augmented reality game in which they seek to “reveal the magic all around us”. So, the goal is for players to go out and explore the real world to “discover mysterious artifacts, learn to cast spells, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters along the way.”

In a statement, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, said they want Wizards Unite to make Harry Potter fans feel in a world full of magic. “We’re incredibly excited to announce this next step in the evolution of AR mobile entertainment. With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players that have been dreaming of becoming real life Wizards will finally get the chance to experience J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighborhoods and cities to discover & fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies.”

The bad news is that we will have to wait until 2018 to learn more about the game system that awaits us in Wizards Unite. Meanwhile, you can register on their official site to be one of the first to know more.

Are you excited for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Do you think it will achieve similar or better popularity than Pokémon GO? Tell us in the comments below.

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