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Pokemon Go mobile game download available for iOS and Android in 2016

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Pokemon Go is finally coming on mobile next year. This game will be released on iOS and Android platform. It offers real world map data where you can select various levels to compete. There is a short intro video that you can watch at the end of this article. You can check the gameplay in that.

Pokemon Go Pics
Pokemon Go Pics

Pokemon Go lets you travel between the real and virtual worked. It is possible to play and compete with your friends. There will be players participating from worldwide in the game and also offers a lot of new location. This includes two places of Japan. They are Hokkaido and Kanto. And there will be also regions from NY and Paris. The game also offers a simple social connection among the players. You can trade your Pokemon with other and get more powerful one. This will enrich the gameplay experience.

It is also possible to explore different players from different region. There is a small device that offers a Pokemon Go Plus. This device will let players to play game very easily. It works through Bluetooth and you can connect it to your Smartphone. Using a led and vibration the device notifies you for various things. The device is under development and will be released soon. It would be an interesting device to the players.

Pokemon Go description given here and below:

The Pokémon video game series has always valued open and social experiences, such as connecting with other players to enjoy trading and battling Pokémon. Pokémon GO’s gameplay experience goes beyond what appears on screen, as players explore their neighborhoods, communities, and the world they live in to discover Pokémon alongside friends and other players.

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