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Pokemon GO is making New Updates! Here are all Details

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Pokemon Go is a viral game all over the world, and according to Sensor Tower Analysis, pokemon Go made $900 million through an in-app purchase that means in 2019 it earned more money than ever before. Now the developer of Pokemon Go is making some new updates.

Recently, we got a fantastic update about the game. The game is adding lots of features, and these latest updates will soar the number of pokemon from the Unova Region.

After the recent updates, many new ones came in the list such as Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast, Shelmet and many more will gather in the game.

Developers revealed some important information about the game of 2020 like players would able to get new feature ‘team rocket’ that is an exciting part of the game.

In addition, they will also get more opportunities like they have to wield and defeat Giovanni and also get the chance to save the Legendary Shadow Moltres. Pokemon Go is making new updates.

Battle League in Pokemon Go

According to rumours, the all-new feature called Go Battle League that will be introduced in 2020. The function will be based on the trainer battle system that will encourage the people to go out and play.

According to some sources, the player will walk and play to enter this battle where they will compete with other players all around the world and ranked accordingly.

Trade Evolution

Trade Evolution is the main feature of the game by which players can trade pokemon. Even though they can trade pokemon without using candy.

The first pokemon who get this feature will be Kadabra, Graveler, Haunter, and Machoke.

It is confirmed that it will not be outdated at least two years after the release. Players always get new updates that maintain the strategy so it would be interesting to see how players react to these new updates.