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Pokemon GO international launch paused due to Server issues

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During this week, The Pokémon Company began releasing Pokémon GO in different parts of the world such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Unfortunately, the company announced that, for now, it will pause the launch of the application in other parts of the world.

Pokemon GO

The developer of Pokemon Go, Niantic Inc. has said that the rollout of the game to other countries, including the countries like Netherlands and United Kingdom, has been discontinued for the time being.

In a conversation with Business Insider, the CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, said that the team is aware of server problems that prevent players to join in the game, and are currently working to solve these problems. So while Niantic is responsible for repairs, the release of Pokémon GO in other regions will be paused.

Moreover, the official account of Pokémon GO on Twitter said something similar this afternoon, saying “thank you for your patience. We have been working to resolve server problems. We will continue the release of Pokémon GO in new countries soon.”

Thus, there is no information that tells us when the company will return the release of Pokémon GO worldwide, but hopefully soon, because the application starts to be a sensation.

For now, Pokémon GO is available in the US starting this week, and is ranked as the most downloaded app of iOS and Android. This has also impacted on the actions of Nintendo shares, increasing by 10%.