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Pokemon Go First Gameplay Video Revealed

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While Pokemon GO is planned for this year, no video had been published eariler. But here comes the first gameplay video, taken during the SXSW event taking place this weekend in Austin, Texas.

Pokemon Go Screenshot

Niantic, the company developing Pokémon GO, has not managed to keep the secret. While the CEO presented the game during a private conference in the South by Southwest (SXSW) which takes place in Austin, Texas, a person was able to bypass security measures and shoot a session of the gameplay with his smartphone.

With a few pictures unveiled last few months, we finally know little more about the first game of Pokémon GO that was waited on tablets and iOS and Android smartphones for this year. However, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, took the South by Southwest event to hold a private conference, unveiling a first gameplay video.

This video, posted on YouTube, allows us to discover how this game will work on hunting Pokémon. At first we find what looks like a map of Google Maps. On this map are present a trainer and the Pokémon, an Ivysaur nearby. The director of Niantic then explains where to find the Pokémon that inhabit the real world. The game is well done since we can find them in their natural habitat, according to their characteristics (in the mountains, in gardens, near lakes, etc.).

We then encounter the Pokémon that was on the card in augmented reality. Hanke then launches Pokéball to catch it, then also uses Masterball, the Pokémon who managed to escape after his first attempt. Different balls will therefore be used in the selection screen as believed.

John Hanke also mentioned the Pokédex and at the same time the possibility of collecting Pokémon that can be caught. The beta of Pokémon GO is due out in a few days in Japan, new information should therefore arrive shortly.