Pokémon GO Director thinks about Augmented Reality technology of iPhone X

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Yesterday, on September 12 Apple revealed iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the company’s new smartphones that, among many features, have augmented reality technology, something that will surely take advantage of the upcoming mobile games. In this regard, the leader of Niantic Labs, team responsible for the successful title of Pokémon GO, spoke about what it means to create Augmented Reality experiences.

So John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, shared his thoughts on augmented reality in a post from Medium, commenting that although Apple’s technology represents a breakthrough, there is still much to be done.

“So…. did we just see the future today? Yes and no,” Hanke wrote. “Augmented Reality on phones is a very important step on the path to full AR. But it’s a step that should be understood as one with limitations in its current form factor and level of development.”

“Many will interpret AR to mean merely the visual effect that you experience with a device where a digital object or annotation is overlaid on the camera view on the screen,” Hanke continued, regarding what augmented reality should be. “But that’s really missing the point, in our opinion. What AR really means is connecting digital information, objects, and experiences with the physical world in situ as you experience them.”

As a result, Hanke noted that the new iPhone models are a breakthrough in the matter, but it takes more than placing thousands of objects on the screen to see a breakthrough in augmented reality.

“It’s an important stepping stone and that’s why Niantic is committed to fully exploiting that technology on today’s devices,” he said. “When used correctly, it can be a powerful way to enhance your experience with the physical world. But apps that merely place a digital object on your kitchen table don’t really qualify as ‘AR’ in our view.”

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will debut on September 22, while the iPhone X will arrive on November 3.

In news related to Pokémon GO, we comment that during this month you can capture the new legendary Pokémon, we are talking about Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. At the moment, creatures are spread by regions, but in the following months, there will be rotations until they are available to all trainers.