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Pokémon GO Dev already working on new games


In the latest issue of Game Informer, CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, has revealed that his studio is already working on other games apart from Pokémon GO.

Pokemon GO

The executive explained that the popular application was based on an earlier title called Ingress, which aimed to capture highlights in the real world, and that its next installment will also use what they learned in Pokémon GO.

“That’s always been our strategy to build up a platform underneath a game that can be used for other games, and frankly other experiences that may not exactly be games, but are still within that area of exercise, discovery, and social interaction,” says Hanke.

“The Niantic platform is very much a part of our long-term vision and we have some projects that are in the early stages now that will be built on top of it so you can definitely expect to see that from us in the future.”

Likewise, the executive also said that the emergence of other similar applications promote “healthy competition” and noted that there is room for multiple games to be successful in this category.

Finally, Hanke said that “it’s a positive step for everyone to bring games out into the real word and give people the motivation, the excuse, to get out, get some exercise, see new places, and hopefully have good healthy interactions with other human beings.”

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