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Pokemon GO Beta Test Heads to Australia and New Zealand

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As you all know, the Niantic began testings of Pokemon GO just a couple of weeks ago in Japanese territory. Well, today we get the first details related to this process in the West. According to the information shared by the developer, Pokemon GO begin its testing period in the Western Territory of Australia and New Zealand. It was also revealed that this process will begin later this month.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO still has a long way to go, and one of the important points of Niantic to debug before launching the game on iPhone and Android devices is that his promise to capture Pokemon based on the geo work well. That is why so many territories tests are imperative, and so they are doing field tests in different territories.

Niantic has just announced that it will expand testing of Pokemon GO to two countries, both to Oceania. These two countries are Australia and New Zealand, which can help verify the operation of Pokemon GO in countries with less urban density and very rural territory.

So far, there has only been evidence of Pokémon GO in Japan, where mostly function tests are adapted to areas of high urban concentration, thus testing in other countries with different population densities is also important for the suit and users living in different conditions who want to enjoy the game. It is likely that within a few weeks new countries will be announced in which there will be tests of Pokémon GO advertised, but the version you receive will not be anywhere near a full version, which ultimately is what users want to have the game in point of view.

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In any case, if you live in Australia or New Zealand, then you can visit this website that can provide you access for the beta. Of course, this test phase is intended to help the developers to improve Pokemon GO.