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PokeLand: A new Pokemon mobile game now on Alpha Test in Japan

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A new mobile game of Pokemon is currently being tested in Japan on Android devices: it is called as Pokeland, title belonging to the series of Pokemon Rumble, probably coming later this year.

It seems that the Pokémon mobile device combination continues to grind new apps more or less interesting, and after the success (and decline) of Pokémon Go, we can only look cautiously at a new project that has been recently revealed by several sources.

The Pokémon Company, partly owned by Nintendo, today announced a new video game of Pokémon for mobile devices, for now only for Japan, called Pokeland.

According to reports, PokeLand is a new game that is part of the series of Pokémon Rumble and has just entered a testing phase on Android devices (in Japanese territory) which will continue until June 9.

Regarding few details about the game, the testing phase of Pokeland will last until June 9, the title presents 134 different monsters, 52 levels and a Champion Tower of 15 floors. It has the presence of microtransactions, useful for buying diamonds to unlock new islands or a special detector to find new Pokemon.

At the time of this writing, The Pokemon Company has not yet officially announced the launch of Pokeland in the West, so we are waiting to know more about this title.

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