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Plex Now Supports 4K and HDR on Xbox One X/One S

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Xbox users have a wide range of applications to enjoy multimedia content. Among these options, we can find Plex, an application that allows you to play content hosted on the console itself or on a linked device on the network or via a streaming server.

The developers of Plex wanted to improve the application, giving support to many environments, such as virtual reality, although they have presented a new update that focuses on improving the performance and options of Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

These hardwares have among their outstanding features, compatibility with 4K and HDR resolutions. Until now, users could not enjoy these features that allow them to play content with a better result or higher quality. As would have been known through an image on Reddit, Plex will be updated to support 4K and HDR resolutions on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

In this way, the application allows supporting these hardwares to take advantage of their features that will improve the playback of content. From there, we must consider that the contents must be compatible or must have that resolution.

Plex is an application that is available in the applications section of the Xbox Store, offering access to a complete service that you can customize to your liking, such as adding network drives with multimedia content, or a removable storage unit, as well as linking live streaming servers, allow enriching the multimedia library to guarantee entertainment through this device.