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PlayStation VR to be priced at $299

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Sony has not unveiled the official price of its virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR. However, new rumors now suggest a very affordable price.

PlayStation VR

According to a user on the Reddit forums who is said in relation to a close employee of Sony PlayStation VR project, the virtual reality headset brand could be very cheap and will be available as two times cheaper than the Oculus Rift.

Being remembered for a price close to $800 as per the first rumors, the information meanwhile was denied by Sony without the firm price range of the formalized either. Now, it would be a matter of marketing two formulas. Two packs are offered as well. The single headset sold could be offered to less than 300 dollars, while other bundle shipping with the PlayStation Move controller and PlayStation Camera could be proposed to below 400 dollars.

Given that it will dispose of the camera and PlayStation Move for enjoying the headset, it seems logical that Sony accepts its offer in two different packs. Besides, the mentioned prices are relatively close of the first announcements made by Sony during the announcement of the headset.

Hopefully these prices remain unchanged, which probably would force other manufacturers to try to match the competition. Note that the other highly anticipated headset, that of HTC, the Vive, is expected to unveil its price at the end of the month at the launch of its preorders.