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PlayStation VR Gets $100 Price Drop Worldwide, Bundles Start At $299

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that PlayStation VR bundles will have a price reduction worldwide starting tomorrow, March 29.

According to the company, the base model of PlayStation VR, which has the headset, the PlayStation Camera, and VR Worlds, will be reduced from $399 USD to $299 USD. The best news is that some bundles will be part of this price reduction, such as the DOOM VFR bundle, which includes the PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation Camera, a disc with demos and DOOM VFR.

On the other hand, there is also a price drop on the PlayStation VR bundle with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This package, which originally has a price of $499 USD, will now be available for $349.99 USD. It has the virtual reality headset, the PlayStation Camera, a couple of PlayStation Move controls, the PS VR 2.0 demo and Skyrim VR.

This official reduction comes almost a year and a half after the launch of PSVR, which took place in mid-October 2016, after having sold more than 2 million units worldwide and 12.2 million games compatible with the headset (data from December 2017).

In any case, as we could see in 7 months after its launch, the quantity over quality continues to prevail. Of all the catalog available for PSVR, very few titles truly stand out for having taken advantage of the opportunities offered by this technology. Among them are ‘Batman: Arkham VR’, ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ or the more recent ‘Moss’, for example.

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