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PlayStation VR Core priced at $399.99 Pre-Orders start next week

If you are someone who wants to preorder PlayStation VR, but you are looking for the bundle including the PlayStation Camera and controllers of PlayStation Move, do not worry, because Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog that the preorder of the basic version of PlayStation VR will available next week.

As you may recall, Sony revealed that the preorder for the PlayStation VR bundle at $499 USD will begin today, March 22. This package will include a PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move and PlayStation VR Worlds, a title that offers different experiences of virtual reality which is developed by London Studio. PlayStation VR Worlds is a collection of 5 different experiences of virtual reality, according to London Studio, that are designed to show the different forms and uses that PlayStation VR may have. The different games are The London Heist, Into The Deep (tentative name), VR Luge, Danger Ball and Scavenger’s Odyssey.

In any case, Sony explained that it was attentive to feedback from the players, and therefore decided to open the preorder the PlayStation VR Core on 29 March, which only includes the virtual reality viewer for $399 USD. If this is your option, please note that you need the PlayStation Camera which is sold separately for $60 USD.

Sony plans to launch PlayStation VR sometime in October 2016. According to the company, 50 games will be available for launch, and there are several developers working on this technology.

If you want more information on PlayStation VR check this following link.

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