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PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.71 Available for Download Now

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The PlayStation Vita may receive almost no support and the handheld is no longer sold, but exploits are still being fixed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is also the case today, with the release of a new PS Vita firmware update.

This update for PlayStation Vita with version number 3.71 fixes a security flaw that made it possible to run homebrew on the device. Logically this also means that piracy was possible, so Sony is trying to release a patch quickly, so that anyone who applies the update can no longer use it. If you choose not to install the update, the Trinity exploit will remain active and usable.

This jailbreak works up to and including firmware 3.70 and if you do not want to lose access to homebrew, you do not have to update to the latest version.

Please note that piracy is forbidden and that this can possibly cause your PlayStation Network ID to be banned. After all, it is contrary to Sony’s terms of service whether the PS Vita is an abandoned device or not.

What do you think about this late update released by Sony for its portable console? Will you upgrade to the latest version of the firmware? Tell us in the comments below.