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PlayStation TV shipments stopped by Sony in Japan

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The Japanese manufacturer has decided to stop the delivery of PlayStation TV in the country, already.

PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV, also known as the PlayStation Vita TV is a small platform to play some PSVita productions on its television to enjoy Remote Play with the PS4, listen to music, or watch streaming movies through various applications. Sony Computer Entertainment had announced a new important message for Japan, the machine will no longer be distributed in the country.

The PlayStation TV was released in November 2013 in the country, and it must be said that the success was never at the rendezvous. The collector flocked to Eastern rays noticed that there is little to attract consumers, and players turned their backs and are not at all interested in this type of product, the numbers are also very low, the Japanese automaker no longer wishes to communicate sales and ends the deliveries for the product. However, overlapping yet in stores consoles can still be purchased until all units are sold.

Expressed officially by Sony on this issue, it is not yet clear whether the delivery of PlayStation Vita TV has actually been set definitively, or perhaps a modified model goes on sale later. That would be unlikely. In Japan the PlayStation TV came in 2013 in the market and the price dropped significantly in the following months.

The question now is what happens to PlayStation TV in Europe?

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