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Report: PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Commercials Are The Most Watched

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We all know that advertising campaigns are of vital importance, companies dedicate large quantities and budget items of equal measure to advertise the product they seek to place in the market. Matters related to marketing are an important part of the video game industry and given the success, they have today it is necessary to monitor their performance in that area. This was the objective of a market study that yielded interesting results for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The VentureBeat site and the media analysis platform joined forces to analyze the trends in advertising consumption in the industry during a month, which ran from February 16 to March 15 and also collected data on the most successful commercials until now. To access the data, information was used from 8 million Smart TV that was monitored, specifically, to account for the ads related to video games. Today, the results were published and it was concluded that PlayStation advertising is the most watched, followed by that of Nintendo.

Initially, the analysis indicates that during the monitored period, advertising campaigns in the video game industry generated 1,850 million views (ad impressions), where 19 companies placed 62 commercials on TV that were reproduced 9600 times and were the result of a spending on advertising for $26.5 million.

Now, in particular terms, PlayStation is the company whose commercials are the most watched and obtained 620 million views in the period analyzed. In general terms, Sony placed 12 commercials on TV, which were played on 1900 occasions and the most watched so far has been “It’s in Your Blood”, which promoted the PlayStation Store last year and generated 202 million views. Regarding the channels that provided the most views for the PlayStation campaign, ESPN, Adult Swim and FX stand out.

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For its part, the second place belongs to Nintendo, whose advertising campaign on TV generated 499 million views, product of 11 commercials that were broadcast on 3000 occasions. In general terms, the most watched commercial of Nintendo so far is “Get Together With Great Games”, which is focused on the promotion of Switch, the most recent console. Regarding the channels that generated the most views for Nintendo are Cartoon Network, Nick, and Disney Channel.

In this way, PlayStation and Nintendo have been placed at the top in a matter of advertising campaigns thanks to the impressive number of occasions in which their commercials have been seen. Below them are companies specialized in mobile titles, such as King, InnoGames, and uCool.

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