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PlayStation & Remedy Possibly Partnering Secretly

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During August, we will have the chance to play Control, the new game of Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Brek). Obviously, the team is already looking to the future and thinking about the new projects to come. According to some rumors, Sony PlayStation could be a fundamental part of these projects.

To start, the studio has already established a collaboration for Control: the additional contents will arrive first on PS4; it is a fairly standard commercial agreement, but can be considered a first small indication of the good relations between the two companies. Instead, it is very interesting that Shuhei Yoshida traveled to Helsinki to visit both Housemarque (Stormdivers, Resogun, Dead Nation) and Remedy.

It is not a small thing that the president of Worldwide Studios has spent his time to visit Remedy: we could consider it a pure courtesy, or something more. What makes this all the more “suspect” is the fact that the Finnish team visited Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games in quick succession. Sony often encourages collaborations among its teams and this event has done nothing but push the accelerator on rumors that they want Remedy even closer to Sony.

The conclusion could be twofold: Remedy could be working on a new exclusive PlayStation game (PS5, probably), or Sony might even be willing to buy the team. Both options are fascinating, even if they run counter to Control. The game is a new IP that certainly Remedy will want to continue to evolve (it has already been said that the world of Control has been imagined to be expanded): Sony could make an exclusive follow-up, but it would be a “blind move” since we still don’t know if it will be successful.

Furthermore, Sony already has many teams dedicated to linear single player games focused on cinematic storytelling: the company doesn’t really need to add more names to its portfolio. The truth is that for now they are all speculations and we can do nothing but wait for official announcements from the publishers itself.

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