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Rumor: PlayStation Production Begins With Twisted Metal TV Series

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Yesterday, it was reported about the new production studio created by Sony Interactive Entertainment, or PlayStation Production. Many have started dreaming and think what PlayStation franchise can receive a film or television adaptation. The president of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tony Vinciguerra, has now finally revealed the first television series of Twisted Metal.

There was a lot of talk during an internal Q&A session with investors, and President Vinciguerra confirmed that PlayStation Production has already started production of a television series. Twisted Metal will be the first to receive a television adaptation from the new Sony production studio. Obviously, it will not be the only one to have such an adaptation.

For those unfamiliar with Twisted Metal, it is a multiplayer arcade racing game that is based on the destruction of the armed and armored vehicles of the opponents. The game presents particular and crazy characters, and we believe that it can be a challenge for the production studio to be able to pull out a deep storyline. Obviously, we are confident and look forward to receiving more news about it.

Unfortunately, no more news has been stolen concerning future work that PlayStation Production has in store for its fans and players. Many hope to be able to see their favorite characters at the cinema or protagonists of some television series, such as Kratos by God of War, Nathan Drake by Uncharted, Aloy by Horizon Zero Dawn, or something that recalls the famous Grand Theft Auto.

What do you think of Twisted Metal? Do you prefer to see some other franchises turned into movies or TV series?