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PlayStation Plus May 2016 Free Games Leaked: Rumor

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The PS Plus free games for May 2016 were allegedly leaked. According to a picture from the German Playstation Network, which was released from a short message on the platform of Reddit, it involves the Ubisoft title of Watch Dogs and the arcade game of Tetris Ultimate of Electronic Arts.

PlayStation Plus May 2016

Is the PS Plus free games for May 2016 already announced? At least, a user believes from the short message on the platform of Reddit. There, a user “SpurdoSparde28” has posted a screenshot which is supposed to be originated from the German Playstation Network. On display are two Packshots. Firstly, the Ubisoft open world adventure game of Watch Dogs that should stand for Playstation 4 in May as part of the free PS Plus games.

But that is not enough. On the other hand, a title from Electronic Arts will be also included: Tetris Ultimate. The Puzzle game is quite popular on the Playstation Network and would therefore be regarded as a PS Plus candidate thoroughly in question. Whether the published image is indeed a leak or the user has only made a joke, we can not say for now how valid it is at present time unfortunately.

In another news on PS Plus, only 23 percent of Reddit users are satisfied with the service of Playstation Plus. This emerges from a survey that was made available to users of various Subreddits. The users were asked how satisfied they are. There were several choices given: “very satisfied”, “somewhat satisfied”, “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied”, “somewhat dissatisfied” and “very dissatisfied”.