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PlayStation Plus March 2017 free games for PS4 Leaked

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Every month, subscribers of PS Plus are entitled to free games. Sony should give the list of games offered as early as Wednesday but an advertising poster has just revealed the identity of two PS4 games. This would be Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam. The first is a rather popular game of the community. As for the second, it is already nicknamed as “the new Rocket League”. If this were to be confirmed, would you be satisfied with this lineups for the next month?

Like every month, subscribers of the PlayStation Plus, ie online services of Sony consoles, have the right to free games. These are often independent games that take advantage of this monthly event to make themselves known. Not everyone receives the same welcome from the public but the fact is that many are curious to try it out.

Until Sony releases the list of games offered to subscribers of the PS Plus during the month of March 2017, a flyer seems to have been leaked on the forums like Neogaf. In the image, this one indicates that the offer would concern with Tearaway Unfolded of the Tarsier studios – currently working on Little Nightmares – as well as Disc Jam.

The latter comes from High Horse Entertainment and enjoys a nice little buzz since its beta. The principle is simple, to score points by passing the frisbee behind its opponent. Given its competitive appearance and its efficient and fun gameplay like never before, comparisons with Rocket League quickly flourished. Apparently, you will be able to check all its potential during the month of March if you subscribe to Sony’s online services.

If you want to find out more, this trailer released at E3 2016 will tell you more about the famous Disc Jam that could keep you busy for hours and hours.