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PlayStation Now Will Be Also Available on PS5, Sony Confirms

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Sony recently made major changes to PlayStation Now to make it a more attractive service. In case you do not remember, the platform significantly reduced its price and now includes important first-party titles and large third-party productions for a limited time.

PlayStation Now has a significant number of users on PS4 and PC, but Sony has already planned the future of the service. During an interview with Famitsu (via Dualshockers), Yasuhiro Osaki, a member of the Sony Interactive Entertainment network division, spoke about the platform and the future generation.

While for many it is obvious that PS Now will work on PS5, the truth is that Sony still does not confirm or detail the strategy that will follow regarding its service and its next console.

To end all doubts, Osaki said that PlayStation Now will have support on PlayStation 5. According to the SIE member, the service will feature month-to-month important titles of all kinds, including major productions.

Osaki revealed that limited-time releases will be increasingly common on PS Now. Faced with competition, especially with Xbox, there are those who believe that Sony will take PlayStation Now to more platforms, such as mobile devices.

Regarding this point, Osaki was also very clear and commented that Sony has no plans, for now, to take PS Now to mobile devices. Thus, everything indicates that the service will continue to focus on PS4, PC and will add support with PS5.

Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation, believes they are ready to face the era of streaming. Despite this, Sony’s plans are not entirely clear, as it recently registered a patent for a controller that works with cloud technology.

On the other hand, the company wants PS5 to have full backward compatibility with PS4. What do you think about this news? Tell us in the comments below.