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PlayStation Now game streaming service debuts in UK for PS4

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Sony has moved a step ahead now by starting up a game streaming service. You might have heard a lot about video streaming where videos are stored on a cloud and accessible all the time. You just have to visit the URL. The best example is YouTube. Here you can also find movies. In the same way now it is possible to rent a game and play it. This new kind of service is in the open beta edition and now it is active in UK. If this thing gets popular then it would simply add new ways of playing games. Gamers will just have to login to their account to rent a game. This will also save a lot of money as you don’t have to rely on downloadable content or game DVDs.

PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service
PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service

This is the first time I think this concept would be tested. But with this if we are talking about high end games then you will need a very high bandwidth to play the game. This online game streaming service will also come with some kind of fee which is not yet revealed. But it is found that the service is going to accept all kind of payment methods. This game streaming service is possible to access via Sony Entertainment Network. If you are having account on that then you can access and start playing the game. It is an impressive thing and help gamers to play different game without paying for game copy. The renting feature is quite nice I think.