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Former CEO of PlayStation Talks About Next Generation of Consoles

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During a recent conference at GamesBeat Summit 2018, Andrew House, the former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation, shared his view on the current state of the industry.

The executive said that the console market has a great future. House recalled that in 2013 the end of such systems was predicted by the success of mobile devices. Fortunately, that position was wrong, so House was optimistic about what will come in the coming years.

Throughout his participation, he was questioned about the hypothetical PlayStation 5. House avoided any details about the next console of Sony; however, he stated that the life cycles of current hardware should and maybe longer.

“I’m very bullish on longer life cycles for consoles. Consoles are so under-represented and under-penetrated in so many markets around the globe. There’s so much potential. Let’s not forget that China is still largely [untapped].”

House also affirmed that, from his perspective, the future generations of consoles will still work through physical games. For him, the total transition to the digital format is still far away.

“I don’t have any firm knowledge on this, but my sense is that you will see the disc around in the industry for a while. If you’re going to tap into some of these [developing] markets, then allowing for that more traditional physical purchase model as an option is probably no bad thing,” he added.

Finally, the creative qualified his position by stating that the game in the cloud will have an important role in the next consoles. According to him, this will change little by little the method of distribution of the games.

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Some recent rumors suggest that PlayStation 5 could debut even next year. However, a new report ensures that the console will not be ready by 2020. Thus, the leaked technical details of PS5 could be far from the real ones.